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While university ASL courses provide a great start, it has traditionally been impossible for ASL instructors to offer sufficient one-on-one signing practice. Conversifi offers a solution by allowing learners to engage in authentic conversations with native signing peers, catapulting forward students’ ASL skills and exposure to Deaf culture.


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Conversifi connects university language learners with native speaking – and now signing – peers over video chat for practice discussions, enriching skills for both academic, professional, and everyday life. Our platform provides personalized conversation guides that map to textbooks, OER materials, and your syllabus, ensuring students get the most out of their sessions and your course.

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Conversifi employs a proven model that aligns your curriculum with relevant conversation guides, empowering students to practice and apply their learning with native signing peers, enhancing language skills, cultural competencies, and opening doors to real-life opportunities.


I think that [Conversifi has provided] really good motivation for [my Spanish-learning] students and engaged them in ways that they didn’t expect. […] Within 15 minutes: more confidence, greater ability to communicate, and feeling really satisfied and accomplished.

Dr. Sheri Anderson-Gutierrez

St. Louis University

 In the exit oral interview I always ask them: if you were the decider, would you keep or would you eliminate Conversifi? And across the board they say ‘keep.’ Even if they struggle, they say ‘keep.’

Dr. Gayle Fiedler-Verma

University of Southern California

Why partner with Conversifi?

Improve Student Outcomes

Conversifi gets your students conversing in real-time.

Turbo Charge your Curriculum

Conversifi maps to textbook units and OER materials, reinforcing your syllabus.

Ease of Integration:

Conversifi takes all the hard work out of the equation.

Increase Equity

Conversifi enables all students to experience language immersion.

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