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Accessibility Statement

Does Conversifi support screen readers?
Yes, we are basically compatible with screen reader software (such as ChromeVox), but we will become more accessible in the future as we tailor content to screen readers.


Which are the supported browsers for Conversifi? 
Chrome, Safari and iOS are currently supported. Edge and Firefox are not supported. As new versions of browsers come out, we constantly update this list, so be aware that it can change at any time. 


How does Conversifi deal with browsers without Javascript or CSS?
Conversifi requires Javascript and CSS to run. Also, a camera and microphone are required.


Does Conversifi provide low vision color contrast?
The whole site has a design that doesn’t require high contrast adjustments.


Does Conversifi provide keyboard access?
Currently, tab navigation is supported. You can choose options, navigate menus and configure search options. We are updating the user interface in the coming months to improve navigation.

How does Conversifi support students with hearing loss? 
Our video call screen includes a chat feature so students can clarify words or phrases in writing for their partner. The site is compatible with headphones and other listening devices. We have not incorporated full closed captioning at this time.

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