Conversifi | Connecting the World in Conversation

Connecting the World in Conversation

Currently available in Spanish, French, English, Portuguese and American Sign Language

What is Conversifi?

Conversifi connects language learners with native-speaking peers for authentic conversations over video chat. You can choose a topic from our hundreds of conversation guides that keep sessions at the right level and map to popular language tools like textbooks and apps.

Use Conversifi at your convenience. Log on. Select your language. Pick your topic. Connect!

Conversifi is language immersion on-demand

Have Fun, Learn Faster

Practicing with a native speaker is the best way to improve your language skills, helping you perform better in class and the real world. At Conversifi, we connect you with other students around the world to try out your new vocab in video chat conversations.

Word. 😉

Liven Up Your Class







Conversifi is time-tested innovation. Our proprietary modules map each conversation to your curriculum and keep it at the right level for your class. If you’re looking to keep costs low, maximize student outcomes and provide an immersive experience, join the hundreds of instructors connecting their classrooms through Conversifi this term.

Let´s Increase Value Together

In our authentic, culturally-rich setting, learners apply the vocabulary and grammar that they’re learning on our partners’ platforms. The adrenaline rush of Conversifi keeps language learners coming back for more and gives them a real-time taste of the superpowers they’re acquiring through our partnerships with publishers, apps and more.

Put a Horn on this Horse

Conversifi is growing quickly. Our unique model turns the saturation of the language learning market into an asset for us as we partner with other players to increase overall value. Interested in investing to accelerate our growth and impact? We’d love to tell you more about the product-market fit we’re finding in our beachhead and adjacent markets.